fabric / leather modular sofa single-seat 2-seat 3-seat  $699~$1,999

Model NameTrieste
Configuration Single Seater + 2 Seater + 3 Seater
Upholstery  Fabric/Leather
Frame Material Timber
Leg Material Chrome
Back Cushion High Density Foam D28 + Fibre
Seat Cushion Pocket Spring + High Density Foam D30/35
Base Structure Zig-zag Spring + Webbing Suspension
Dimension Single Seater 114cm (w) x 87cm (d) x 79cm (h)
2 Seater 174cm (w) x 87cm (d) x 79cm (h)
3 Seater 214cm (w) x 87cm (d) x 79cm (h)
Seat Height 41cm
Delivery 12 weeks
UpholsterySingle Seater2 Seater 3 Seater Single Seater + 2 Seater + 3 Seater
Full Microfibre Fabric $699 $899 $1,099 $2,697
Split Leather + PVC $699 $899 $1,099 $2,697
Top Grain Leather + PVC $799 $1,099 $1,399 $3,297
Aniline Leather + Split Leather $999 $1,299 $1,599 $3,897
Full Top Grain Leather $1,099 $1,499 $1,799 $4,397
Full Aniline Leather $1,199 $1,599 $1,999 $4,797
Leather in which the base coat of the finish contains pigment, but later coats contain a contrasting pigment, to give a two- tone appearance designed to imitate Aniline Leather.
  • Soft to handle
  • Improved resistance to wear and light
  • Natural characteristics almost as evident as full Aniline hide
  ANILINE LEATHER Color Sample | Freeway Furniture
Leather from which the grain layer has been partially removed by buffing, to remove imperfections before the surface coating is applied.
  • High resistance to wear, soiling and light
  • Lease evidence of natural characteristics on the finished article
  TOP GRAIN LEATHER Color Sample | Freeway Furniture
A single layer from a hide or skin that has been separated over its whole area into two or more layers.  
Leather made from the flesh split or middle split, with a polymer coating applied and embossed to mimic leather.   SPLIT LEATHER Color Sample | Freeway Furniture

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