Chesterfield lounges are easily among the most recognisable styles of furniture, offering a look that’s often imitated but rarely matched. Known for their fine leather upholstery, deep button tufting, and level backs and arm rests, these lounges remain one of the classiest styles of furniture available today.

At Freeway Furniture, we offer modern Chesterfield lounges that provide the classic elegance and sophistication that these pieces are known for. Whether you’re looking for a lounge upgrade or a stunning centrepiece for your living room, you’ll find a Chesterfield lounge in our collection that will make your living space stand out.

What Makes a Chesterfield Lounge So Special?

Chesterfield lounges are among the most classic styles of furniture. In fact, their style has been used, copied, and modified for over two hundred years. Here’s why the Chesterfield lounge continues to be a style icon even to this day:

  1. Timeless Design – Chesterfield lounges exude class and sophistication, and they’re widely considered to be among the most stylish furniture ever created. Although the Chesterfield lounge has been around for more than two hundred years, it remains one of the most versatile furniture styles around. These pieces will feel at home in any type of living space, whether it’s a traditional home or a modern apartment.
  2. Comfortable – With their leather upholstery, plush cushioning, and spacious seating, Chesterfield lounges offer superior comfort and relaxation. The best pieces provide soft yet supportive spaces for sitting, lying, or lounging the day away.
  3. Durable – Chesterfield lounges are built to last for years, using a simple yet functional design that can withstand years – if not decades – of use. But the best thing about these lounges is that they often look better with age. The more they’re used and taken care of, the better they’ll look and feel several years down the road.

Our Line of Chesterfield Lounges

At Freeway Furniture, you’ll find a variety of modern Chesterfield lounges that stay true to their style and function. Each Chesterfield lounge takes the best of these timeless classics and infuses it with modern elements to make them an outstanding piece for any living space.

  • Mantova – an exquisite, modern take on the classic Chesterfield sofa. This 3-seater modular lounge with chaise comes in leather or fabric upholstery.
  • Modena – an elegant 3-seater modular lounge with chaise that incorporates the deep button tufting of traditional Chesterfield lounges in its seats and headrests. Leather and fabric upholstery are available.
  • Pesaro – a stylish, modern take on the traditional Chesterfield lounge. It can hold up to 6 people comfortably, with 3-seater, 2-seater, and 1-seater options available. It also features deep button tufted back rests and high-density foam cushioning for a more comfortable lounge.

Modern Chesterfield Lounges for Your Home or Office

Give your home or office a stylish centrepiece by fitting it with any of our Chesterfield lounges. Each Chesterfield lounge boasts many of the features that you look for in these classic pieces while providing modern touches that make them more functional for today’s living spaces. If you need more information about our lounges, please send us a message.

  • Mantova


    3 seater fabric / leather modular with chaise  $2,199~$3,999

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  • Modena


    3 seater fabric / leather modular with chaise  $2,199~$3,999

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  • Pesaro


    fabric / leather modular chesterfield sofa 6 seater  $2,699~$4,999

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