Freeway Furniture is a Brisbane-based importer and retailer of high-quality European-style furniture. We’re one of the best-value retailers of furniture in Brisbane, offering a wide range of furniture and accessories for different types of properties. Each piece in our collection also comes with several upholstery options that let you design and customise your furniture however you like.

We are committed to providing the best furniture that you can get for your money – quality pieces that balance comfort, style and price. Whether you’re shopping for lounges and sofas or looking for occasional chairs and bedding, you’ll always find great choices here at Freeway Furniture.

fabric / leather modular sofa armchair + 2 seater + 3 seater What We Supply

We see to it that you have different choices for styling your property, whether it’s your home or an office. We supply the following furniture Brisbane wide and across Australia:

  • Lounges – includes modular lounges, corner lounges, and multi-piece sets
  • Sofas – includes standalone sofas, corner sofas, and multi-piece sets
  • Couches – includes standalone couches, couch combinations, and corner couches
  • Beddings – top-of-the-line bedding options for accessorising your pieces
  • Occasional Chairs – specially designed chairs for complementing your furniture or living space

Visit our showroom in Brendale, QLD to see our collection of furniture and beddings.

What We Believe In

At Freeway Furniture, we’re committed to being the best supplier of European-style furniture in Brisbane. To do this, we focus on always providing the following to our customers:

  1. Quality
    Good furniture is an investment, and we know that you always want to get your money’s worth whenever you buy new furniture for your home or office. We see to it that every piece in our collection is high-quality and designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring that you get furniture that will last you for years, not months.All our pieces also feature functional designs and stylish looks that ensure they’ll always look good and feel good wherever you place them. By ensuring quality in every piece, you can rest assured that every choice in our store will always be worth considering.
  2. Affordability
    When it comes to furniture, you often get what you pay for. Although high-quality furniture is naturally more expensive than ordinary pieces, we also believe that quality furniture doesn’t always need to be as expensive as you would expect.At Freeway Furniture, we focus on providing high-quality furniture at affordable prices. We look for pieces that are clearly a cut above ordinary furniture but at prices that are reasonable and accessible. With these pieces, you won’t have to worry about throwing away extra money just to have a brand name stamped on your furniture. With our furniture, you know where that money goes: quality construction, top-notch upholstery, and functional designs.This focus makes our furniture some of the most cost-effective pieces available today.
  3. Variety
    We understand that every customer is different – that’s why we offer a diverse collection of furniture and upholstery options.Your search starts with deciding what type of furniture to get. In our collection, you’ll find a wide range of lounges, sofas, and couches that are suitable for different needs and purposes. Each type of furniture also features various configurations such as standalone models, modular units, or multi-piece sets.Once you’ve found a piece you like, you then have several options for upholstery and accessories. Most of our furniture comes in a variety of leather or fabric options, with several different colours for each model.This variety is what keeps your search always fresh at Freeway Furniture, whether you’re a first-time buyer or one of our repeat customers.

Why Choose Freeway Furniture?


Premium Furniture

At Freeway Furniture, we only import and supply premium quality furniture. This ensures that you always get pieces that you know will be worth your time and money.


Customisable Furniture

With all the upholstery options available for all our pieces, you can style and design your furniture however you like. We also have a variety of bedding available that allows you to accessorise your furniture ever further.


Affordable Furniture

Our furniture may be premium-quality, but many of them don’t come with the premium prices that you’d expect from such high-quality pieces. You’ll find that our furniture is always reasonably priced, especially when compared to other pieces of similar style and quality. At Freeway Furniture, we always aim to give you the best value for your money.


We’re a Family Business

Unlike large chain furniture stores, we’re proudly a family owned and run business. This means you can enjoy a more personal and individual service from us each time you visit.

Learn More About Freeway Furniture

If you have any questions about Freeway Furniture and our products, please contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you in whatever way we can.